Tom Tasset

Tom credits his father for getting him started in the family business by offering him a desk, a phone and the following advice: Stay away from our family and neighbors because they are already my customers!

Over the years Tom received much more valuable advice from his dad…but more importantly, he saw the way his dad advocated on behalf of his customers. They trusted him because they knew he would always act in their best interest. Tom “Jr.” been in the business for over 30 years now, and many of his dad’s old customers are still with the agency. They often tell him things, like…”Your old man never did it that way!” That may be true, but Tom still tries his best to always act in the best interests of his clients.

Tom is very active in various business organizations and serves on several insurance company advisory boards. He is a big proponent of entrepreneurs and small business owners and co-hosts a weekly radio show that celebrates supports and connects small business owners. In his spare time, he plays in a local cover band. He also enjoys numerous sports, boating, wake boarding, and trying to keep up with his kids and grand sons.


North Cincinnati office