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Homeowner Insurance

Few places bring the feeling of home. Your home protects you from the outside world and becomes the place where much of life gets lived. Homeowner insurance should protect all of that “living” you do – from precious heirlooms to rugged sports gear to important family records.

As a part of the Cincinnati landscape for more than half a century, HTT Agency knows what it means to insure your home. Whether you live in a stand-alone dwelling, a condo, or an apartment, the need to safeguard your assets is nearly as important as the assets themselves. Protection from catastrophic events like fire or flood is a must, but guarding against loss in the case of theft or vandalism can be just as important.

Our agents will help you construct a plan, comprised of individual components that you choose, to best fit your situation. You’ll pay only for the options you choose (after a deductible, which will be based on what’s comfortable for you). Generally, opting for a higher deductible (meaning you pay a larger portion of the loss up-front) means lower monthly payments.

Homeowner insurance coverage encompasses more than most people realize.

Property or Dwelling Insurance

This coverage protects the structure of your home – the cost to rebuild or repair the house if it’s lost or damaged – by fire, storms, or other specified events.

In the event that you’re faced with a big loss on your home (extensive fire or flood damage, for instance), you may want to add Additional Living Expenses coverage to your policy. This would pay for you to stay somewhere while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Personal Liability Insurance

This part of homeowner coverage pays for injuries sustained in your home or on your property (by people living there or those visiting) that are your fault. It also covers damage to someone else’s property if they’re visiting. For family members who live there, this part of the policy covers them in the case of injury even when they’re not at home. Keep in mind that you can be sued if someone is injured on your property and they say you’re to blame; for this reason it’s a good idea to base this coverage on all your home’s assets. Medical coverage as part of your homeowner insurance can help pay for medical costs if someone not living at the house is injured on your property.

Personal Property Insurance

This coverage protects the things inside your home: furniture, appliances, musical instruments, clothes, electronics, etc., from theft or loss. For items of high value, consider asking an agent about Scheduled Personal Property coverage to protect specific items like an engagement ring or expensive artwork.

One of the most important things you can do as part of securing homeowner insurance is to inventory your home so there’s a concrete record of what you’re insuring. One of the easiest ways to do this is by taking photos or making a video – by going room by room – to capture all the nuances of your home (this includes not just furniture but artwork on the walls, clothing, jewelry, items in a garage, etc.). Keep at least one copy of the inventory outside the home—stored in a safety deposit box or sent to a trusted relative—in the event your home is a total loss.