About HTT Agency

The things you count on most – your family, your friends, your home, your business – make up the core essence of your life. It’s within this community that life happens. Whether you’re a single person just starting out, a family with young children, an entrepreneur trying to launch a new start-up business, an established business owner, or a retirement-bound soul embracing a whole new way of life, we know that community shapes who you are.

HTT Agency, we’ve devoted more than half a century to serving people in our community.

We know that when it comes to securing insurance for your family or business in the Cincinnati tri-state area, you want someone you can trust. That’s why we’ve spent decades building a reputation for excellent customer service throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana by creating a valuable network of people on whom you can draw for support. You see, we know that building strong relationships – both with our clients and with insurance carriers – strengthens the entire community.

If you’re opening a business, you want to know that your agent is knowledgeable about what type of coverage will suit you best. If you need to file a homeowner’s claim, you want to rest assured that it will be handled in a timely, accurate manner. By forming a network of strong support, we improve our customer service options for you, the customer.

Here at HTT Agency, serving others is part of our culture. Perhaps you’ve seen our staff at a local community service event, or maybe you’ve heard about our company policy to grant employees two days off annually to spend on a community service project or event of their choice.

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon president, Tom Tassert, in an older district of Cincinnati, where he often spends time helping to improve struggling areas. Or perhaps you recognize his voice from Sunday evening broadcasts on 55KRC (or listen at, where he shares his personal insights and wisdom with local business owners.

You see, we don’t just serve your neighbors, we ARE your neighbors.

Still wondering why you should contact HTT Agency? Just ask one of our third-generation customers whose family has relied on HTT for more than five decades. They’ll tell you why they choose to secure their life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and more with HTT Agency. Call us today for a free quote with no obligation. We’d love to have you join our community!